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Sennheiser VHF 10 way Tourguide system

£ 100.00


Sennheiser VHF 20 way Tourguide system



Sennheiser 2020-D digital 20 way tourguide system



Procell 9v PP3 battery for VHF system transmitter (lasts approx 6 hours)

£  1.20

Tourguide systems are designed to allow groups of people both small and large to enjoy audio description services, they are used in factories, museums and tours of all types. Simple to set up and use, and can also be used for simultaneous translation.  

All Tourguide systems are supplied charged and ready for use, just  ensure you plug all transmitters into the charger case and plug in to the mains overnight to ensure everything is ready for the following day !

All prices are plus carriage and VAT at the current rate.
Tourguide Rental